Bundles of Services for a upfront price.

These are not packages that can  be broken off and shared they are in series : as you use them they are counted off

the series have no expiration date so your welcome to keep them and use as needed.

on your first service you can book and pay in office or you can pay online.

Deep tissue Lover 6 pack  60 minute Service


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Therapy for muscles injuries below the surface, and connective tissue below the surface also helping improve range of motion. 

What a deal if you love getting Deep Tissue

Swedish Delight 6 pack  60 minute service


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Relax each time you book with the light to medium pressure of Swedish massage.

If you love relaxing massages and want to purchase in bundles and use when needed purchase now!

Melt my Tension 6 pack  60 minute service


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If you love Hot rocks Massage your gonna love this 6 pack,

allow the warmth of the Heated stones to melt all your tension away the therapist skillfully uses the stone as a warm tool to unlock the knots.