If you enjoy deep pressure also the heat from Hot rock therapy you will love Bamboo, as it retains the heat longer the fascia is stretched and the bamboo allow the the therapist to get deep in the muscle..ooh lala

Relax and Enjoy

Even if you are suffering with tired achy muscles and just want to relax with light pressure but feel like you have had some work done, you will not be disappointed .

Bamboo-Fusion Table Massage Benefits

An invigorating Bamboo massage

Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese cultures have always believed in the benefits withheld in the bamboo, such as life energy, prosperity, longevity, sexuality, and fertility. In China, stalks of bamboo still symbolize eternal youth, strength, prosperity, and peace. What may appear like a new practice, bamboo massage, has ancient origins. Today, bamboo massage is advertised as Bamboo-Fusion.

Bamboo massage incorporates bamboo stalks of different lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue work. The massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage, as well as providing a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. In addition, using the bamboo sticks helps to reduce stress and strain on the practitioner’s hands and fingers.

It is believed that by stimulating the tissue, the bamboo has the ability to reduce the “sluggish state of the body," by dissipating the heat resulting from an accumulation of toxins and poor circulation; some people who have undergone this practice have described these releases as a whole-body tingling or a warming sensation and have seen reduction in cellulite in certain areas of their body over time after a series of sessions.

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